"Self Defense and Fitness Systems is absolutely a different kind of gym. 

Many Martial Arts schools teach watered down self-defense techniques for safety's sake or teach hardcore tactics with a high probability of injury. 

Self Defense and Fitness Systems absolutely provides the best of both worlds. Real world self-defense taught with student safety in mind. 

While there are specific disciplines taught here, there are no hang-ups on which martial arts styles out there are "better or worse" but rather the focus is always on "what works". The gym is home to several instructors with black belts in more than one discipline. 

This is truly a bonus to the prospective student as there is a wealth of knowledge across multiple martial arts systems to draw from. 

And finally, there's the value. Programs are very competitively priced and small class sizes provide more one-on-one time with instructors which, in turn, accelerates learning. 

Undeniably the best !!" 


Dave Winkeler 

3-Dan Matsubayashi Ryu - Traditional Okinawan Karate 

1st Dan Honto Seishin Ryu - Kenpo Jujutsu 

"I enjoy going to Self Defense and Fitness Systems because when I go there I know the instructors care about me as an individual.  I'm not someone they are trying to milk money out of or get to worship them.  They don't feed you a line of bs and give you a false sense of confidence all while taking your money.   They are regular people, and at the end of the day, really do care about me being able to leave class with the right tools to properly defend myself, and have the knowledge base to do so." 


Jeremy L. 

 "I am no different than anyone else when it comes to the effects of aging. With three bulging disc and two knee replacements, I found myself wondering if a walker was in my future. Thirty-five years ago I had taken some Shorin Ryu classes while in the military. At age 55, I happened upon a local martial arts studio that teaches Shorin Ryu. I felt excited at the prospect of practicing self-defense again. In addition, I had hoped that this activity would help me regain some strength and mobility. I contacted the school, and after relating my health issues to them, I was assured they could help me. Unfortunately, this school did not keep their promise. The curriculum almost injured one of my knees, and I had no choice but to part ways with this dojo and reflect on my situation. 

            One day I again stumbled across a small dojo in my area. I remember staring at the window and wondering if I should contact them, still feeling a bit discouraged after my last experience. Reaching out to the Self Defense & Fitness Systems Center has become one of the best decisions that I've ever made.  After retelling my story to Sensei Jamie Balster, one of the center's three knowledgeable instructors, I decided to give it one more try.  

          What enticed me about Self Defense & Fitness Systems was their ability to personally cater to my specific needs. Not only did they offer Shorin Ryu, my original field of study, they also provided classes in Tai Chi and Honto Seishin Ryu Kempo JuJutsu (a unique style of self-defense). 

           I enrolled in all of them. Over the next year, I found that each class filled a void for me. Shorin Ryu has helped me rebuild my strength. Tai Chi improved my flexibility, and Honto Seishin Ryu has improved my self-defense skills. I was even given a great multi-class discount, and have enrolled my grandsons in their children’s class.  

          The instructors are very knowledgeable in therapeutics. Their ability to advise exercises that zero in on your personal health demands is invaluable. Now the flexibility in my knee is better than I ever could have imagined, and my stomach muscles have tightened helping the pull on my back. As an added bonus, I've lost inches and gained muscles mass. I would recommend Self Defense & Fitness Systems Center to anyone; it is a place that truly puts customer satisfaction & safety first."   


Diana B.