Serenity Dojo instructs in the art of Iron Crane Ch'uan Fa, a form of  Tai-Chi, led by Sifu Jamie Balster.  Tai Chi, also referred to as Internal Boxing, focuses on the inner energies of the body. While movements are low impact, Tai Chi is still a martial art and does have practical self-defense applications.

     Tai Chi has been known to be a good form of physical therapy because of its slow movements and focus on muscle control.  It is an exploration of the body and mind from the inside out, developing the ability to use internal power to enhance external strengths. Mastering internal energy or “Chi”, improves balance, awareness, listening, centering, feeling, and projecting, which are the driving forces of all movement.  Controlling one's self from within gives authority over emotions, discomforts, and even body temperature.  The powering method behind Tai Chi is not so much physical strength, but rather the combination of delicate yet sharp movements.  

    Tai Chi is also a means of understanding negative feelings such as anger, hate, and jealousy. Being able to overcome emotional impulses, free of constructive thought, bars feelings from no longer dominating and influencing the subconscious mind. This state of physical relaxation and mental clarity work together and the body becomes serene.  Serenity or “Existing Naturally” is achieved when the inner and outer body individually accepts their existence in relation to each other. 

     Tai Chi teaches the mind and body to become one. Learning to master Tai Chi is achievable for people of all ages and all levels of fitness.  


Sifu Jamie Balster

Serenity Dojo Tai Chi 

Sifu Jamie began learning martial arts at the age of seven and began instructing others at the age of 10. By grade six, she had earned her 1st-degree black belt, and then her 2nd-degree black belt in her early teens. Sifu Jamie started her career in martial arts studying Tae Kwon Do and then began training in Shorin Ryu in 2005, Honto-Seishin-Ryu in 2006, and Internal Boxing (Tai Chi) in 2011. Sifu Jamie worked security for kickboxing events for eight years and is first aid and CPR certified. She is currently studying Iron Crane Internal Boxing with Shizu D.M. Hurst. She has also earned black belts in Honto Seishin-Ryu (2nd Degree) under Sensei Chris Balster, and Matsubayashi-Ryu (1st Degree) under Sensei Mark Winkeler. In addition to teaching Tai Chi, Sifu Jamie leads the Kid's Phoenix Kempo Karate class as well.   



Lessons by Appointment Only

Instructor: Jamie Balster 


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