The goal of the Kid’s Phoenix Kempo Karate program is to teach students how to be confident in, and aware of,  their surroundings.  The goal is to not only teach children to defend themselves but to also know when it’s appropriate.  Studies have shown that children who participate in martial arts tend to gain a better sense of respect for themselves and others, and are overall better at conflict resolution. These improved skills can show in several aspects of a young student’s life in areas such as academics, other sports, and relationships.  The kid’s class is not as high impact as the Kempo Jujutsu class, but students will still learn simple locks and takedowns in addition to basic moves, such as punches and kicks.  The class also aims to show children how to use their smaller size to their advantage against a larger aggressor. Classes are led by Sensei Jamie Balster and are packed full of fun yet challenging drills, and even an obstacle course.  Class Times:
Mon & Wed 6:00-6:50

 Instructor: Jamie Balster 


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