Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of weapons do you teach?

To a true karateka, anything can be used as a weapon, whether it be a traditional weapon like a bo or tonfa, or something more modern like a firearm. In addition to traditional weapons training, training is also done with other non-traditional weapons such as belts or ink pens. We train with the philosophy that anything can be used as a weapon if you understand how objects can help manipulate your opponent's body to give yourself a superior body position. Specific to the adult class, students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge and some skill with the following: hanbo(similar to nightstick), tanto(knife), jo(short staff), bo(staff), handgun


Do you spar?

We do not free spar in class.


Why don’t you spar?

We feel free sparring can lead to bad habits and can cause too much chance for injury. Many of the techniques we practice, if done at full speed in live combat, can cause serious injury. We practice pre-arranged sparring and live(not rehearsed) one step drills so that we don’t hurt our uke(training partner) while practicing, but when faced with a real threat we can still act on instinct to defend ourselves.


How young of a student will you accept?

We begin accepting students into the children's class at age 4 or 5, depending on readiness.
Students must be at least 14 years old to begin in the adult class. We offer an exception to 13-year-olds, who exhibit readiness, to join as well. Tai chi is age 5 and older.


Are there any other fees apart from the monthly cost of the class(es)?

Class payment is due monthly. We try our best to keep additional fees to a minimum. There are no signup fees and no contracts. There are fees for the appropriate uniforms for each class. Students will also be required to become members of the United States Black Belt Association (USBBA).