BMF Dojo instructs in the art of Honto-Seishin-Ryu, led by Sensei Chris Balster.  Honto-Seishin-Ryu Kempo jujutsu puts a strong focus on personal self-defense.  Kempo is striking with the hands, fists, knees, elbows etc. to either knock an opponent off balance or unconscious.  Jujutsu is about using an opponents force against them to unbalance, lock, and/or throw them. In class, most of this is done through one step drills that practice the tenets of Stun, Lock, Throw, Finish.  This type of training can be dangerous and is practiced using extreme caution.  Although the best weapon one can have is their own body, training is also provided in the use of, and protection against, weapons such as the hanbo, jo, knife, and firearm. 

Ricks move

Christopher Balster, Senior Instructor 

Kando Tashi Sanden, 

 Uchi Deshi Sandai Soke D.M.Hurst 

     Sensei Balster currently holds the title of "Uchi Deshi Soke D.M. Hurst" meaning he is a personal student of Grand Master Hurst, the founder of Honto-Seishin-Ryu Kempo jujutsu.

     He was also a student of the late Walter Rowden, who was an 8th dan in Matsubayashi-Ryu and 10th dan in Honto-Seishin-Ryu. He started his formal training under Rick Spencer, 7th dan Honto-Seishin-Ryu Kempo jujutsu.  

     Currently, he is learning the Tak-Tec system of self-defense created by Rusty Hays, Kyoshi 8th dan in Honto-Seishin-Ryu Kempo jujutsu and 7th Dan Shorin-Ryu, and recently earned his black belt in Matsubayashi-Ryu under Sensei Mark Winkeler.   

     Sensei Balster's other training includes: Working under Andy Shipkee, 3rd dan Seirei Kenpo jujutsu, Working security for Jim Boucher, championship kickboxing, and MMA promoter, where he earned "real world" experience dealing with rowdy spectators, and serving in the US Army infantry and the IL National Guard. 

"To survive an attack you must break the aggressor's spirit. By destroying the will to fight, you achieve true peace." 


~Sensei Chris Balster~ 

Class Times: 

   Mon & Wed: 7:00-9:00 

   Sat: 9:00 am - 10:30 am 

Instructor: Chris Balster