It may also lead to diarrhea, vomiting and gas formation. There are dangerous foods for dogs that we take for granted and eat on a regular basis that can harm us. Bones can also cause digestive upsets if they are swallowed, so it is typically best to avoid giving food with bones in it to your dog. This means that any member of the allium family is harmful to your dog. But if your dog is a small one and if it steals 3 to 4 cookies, then it would surely be a problem for him. Have a look at the list below…. I will divide the list of foods that you should not feed your Labrador, for that matter any dog, into two categories. Vet can be  a fantastic resource to help manage the To Making All Of Your Dog Experiences Happy Ones! Most dog food brands also offer a recommendation for how much of their product to feed but keep in mind this isn’t dog specific. dietary needs of your Lab. Foods that are harmful or not suitable for your Labrador are obviously not suited for every other dog breed too. Dogs have the natural capability of choosing foods to eat and foods to avoid. Take more care regarding foods like peanut butter which your dog might eat usually. Suggested food for Labrador in N&D Farmina – N&D Farmina Starter, N&D Farmina Puppy Maxi, N&D Farmina Adult. Yes, puppies do drink milk from their mothers before weaning. that “We would Love to hear from You. In such cases, a lot of food goes into your Lab’s mouth. Pancreatitis is a serious condition that needs immediate care. As grapes being a healthy fruit, people usually might feed them unknowingly to their dogs, without knowing their toxic effects. Tomatoes are both okay in limit and toxic to your dog. Alcohol in any form which may be beer, wine, vodka or even hops, even ingested in small amount may cause ethanol poisoning in your dog. Feeding chocolate to your dogs usually happens during birthdays, party’s, Haloween, Christmas and during such similar occasions. Consumption of this toxin can lead to accumulation of fluid in the dog’s lungs and causes breathing difficulty, and sometimes even death. Hence you can feed the red ripe tomato only as an occasional treat and completely avoid the unripe green ones that are toxic for your furry friend. Your dog’s digestive tract is shorter when compared with yours. What can labradors not eat? Again, it’s all about high-quality ingredients when searching for your pup’s food. matter. Hence feeding ice cream may cause stomach upset in your dog. There exists a lot of contradictory information regarding feeding bones to dogs. This is a dangerous condition which is fatal for any dog. If you come across such a person, tell him clearly that chocolates are not for dogs.